Friday, February 8, 2008

Wendie Old Takes Time to Write

Check out this blog from author Wendie Old. If you write, you'll appreciate Wendie's take on how to prioritize the need to write in a busy schedule.

Friday, February 1, 2008

I moved to France two and a half years ago. I have had a summer home here for about 18 years (I grew up in Paris as a child), but I gave up my New York apartment to live here full time when a new construction there bricked in all my windows.

At first I commuted to the US twice a year to meet with editors, execute portraits, and visit schools, but it has been difficult to maintain interest in my work from here, despite the internet and having a website.

However, I am celebrating rather than fretting about this transition.

Living in the country means getting by on a much reduced income, and I find that I at last have the time and space to do my own work. I have suddenly realized that I have been reigning myself in artistically as a teacher/illustrator/art director/designer for years, and am loving my new uncensored artistic freedom.

I have always kept up with world affairs. I find that I don't have to compartmentalize myself as before. My politics, my concerns, my feelings (negative as well as positive) are allowed to emerge and converge and I am pretty excited about the power of my recent work. This also probably has something to do with working in oils again. I am known for my watercolour illustration.

I have started a blog on which I occasionally post reports, but my interest in this medium tends to flag. I am put off by the rampant exhibitionism of much blogging. Nevertheless, I hope that my story might inspire others to take a leap of faith.

There comes a time when one has to stop cutting bait and start fishing. For me, that time has arrived.

Posted by illustrator Catherine Stock. Her latest book with Charlesbridge is Vinnie and Abraham, by Dawn Fitzgerald.