Tuesday, May 29, 2007

In da house!

Who's sari now, Judy O'Malley?

This has got to be in the top ten reasons to work at Charlesbridge: our authors and illustrators take such interest and care in our grooming habits. While editrix Judy O'Malley is normally well-dressed and professional, author Mitali Perkins saw room for improvement and at our recent open house, she wrapped Judy up old school Bangla style! America's Next Top Multiculti Model.

Reason #2 to love coming to Charlesbridge: Ralph Masiello will not let you spend your life in some sort of artist purgatory reading books and--in the case of our stellar guests--teaching, being children's librarian, talking books, selling books, etc. You will draw and you will like it. The book industry, children's books in particular, isn't always about work, work, work; sell, sell, sell; read, read, read. Sometimes it's about mighty dragons eating their own tails. And I mean that in the best possible way.

Look! Illustrator Jamie Hogan can draw a dragon, too!

May 24th was a fine day for a spring gathering. We love to have our friends over for a glass of lemonade and to play dress up and color. Thanks to everyone who joined us. We hope everyone else can join us next year. Promise there will be some good food and interesting people... pretty please won't you come? With a cherry on top? Ralph will draw something less scary... like ponies and mermaids and stuff.

One more picture because Jenny is such a publicity hound. >>>>>>>>>>


Anonymous said...

Hi, Jenny! This was a really nice event, and I had a great time. Thanks for linking to our blog!

Chris Barton said...

Judy looks great in a sari, but just wait 'til she's head-to-toe in Day-Glo...