Friday, June 8, 2007

Charlesbridge Goes to the Bowling Alley

There was plenty of food, drinks, books, and fun to spare at ReadBoston's Bowling for Books Wednesday night at Lucky Strike on Landsdowne Street. It was big ball bowling for all you New Englanders. Team Charlesbridge (aka Split Happens) was compose of Brent, Melanie, Donna, myself, and JD from The Horn Book (who is an honorary Charlesbridgian).

Despite Donna's natural prowess for the sport (it's genetic; her aunt was a professional bowler) and a last ditch effort on my part in the 10th frame (I got a strike and a spare!), we were no competition for Brent who wowed us all with his bowling form. For some reason, my camera malfunctioned whenever I tried to capture the moment of his ten pins dropping. You'll just have to take my word for it. Here is the final score:

JD accomplished a persona best of a score of 50+. The Most Improved Bowler Award goes to Melanie who made a valiant comeback. Here's Melanie showing great form and lined up for the spare:

In the end, we were all winners -- raffle ticket winners, that is. Melanie won two tickets to the Boston Symphony and a style and cut at Salon Acote on Newbery. Brent won tickets to the Brattle Theatre and the Huntington Theatre. Donna won tickets to Lyric Stage.

Thanks to Laura Feczko (Candlewick) and the rest of the ReadBoston crew for sponsoring a great event.

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