Thursday, August 16, 2007

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the requisite Charlesbridge wedding shower!

Jill, Jill our dear friend,
Your single days now must end.
Now you're going to be a Mrs.
With joy, glad hearts, and lots of kisses.
- oh, my!

'Something's going on,' Jill thought.
Party planners might get caught!
'Everyone's running all around.'
But no one peeps, not one sound.

Charlesbridgians in all their finery
Line up to toast with champagne winery.
The conference room in bride's disguise,
Hush, hush, keep quiet for the big surprise!

Jill, Jill, our dear friend,Happy tidings your friends do send.
May your wedding be a happy day,
With laughs and love and cafe au lait!


Interns will work for food!

Posted by Donna

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