Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yes, there is so a National Museum of Dentistry

Charlesbridgian Connie Brown, pictured right, goes to the most fascinating places on vacation. Keep your Saint Moritz, your Berlin, Prague, and Budapest, Connie prefers basking in the glow of well-brushed and flossed teeth and dentures.

On a recent trip to the National Museum of Dentistry in Baltimore, Maryland, Connie perused the gift shop and found Charlesbridge well represented. We're proud to be on display at the museum, and its gift shop. Little known fact: company wide, we only have 17 cavities. All filled. That's far less than the national average, which if you don't know it, can be discovered at the National Museum of Dentistry.

Charlesbridge: Connie, what's the museum like?

CB: A fascinating and fun place that no one’s ever heard of. And it’s right between Oriole Park and Babe Ruth’s Birthplace Museum—I mean, prime Baltimore real estate!! It’s a Smithsonian affiliate with incredible displays and info about all facets of dentistry from ancient times to the cutting edge technology of the near future. It even has every single one of George Washington’s sets of dentures—and, no, not one of them is wooden!

Charlesbridge: Sounds great, Connie. And you're right, we should have a launch party for Sneed Collard's upcoming book Teeth.

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