Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Heart Your Blog

Children's book editor, volunteer librarian, mother of two, and choir singing superstar, Emily Mitchell of the blog Emily Reads, hearts our blog! OMG! (In the spirit of journalistic integrity I must disclose that Emily also works for Charlesbridge.) Nevertheless! Someone actually reads this thing!

Now it is our turn to spread the blog love to others. The decision was tough and heart-wrenching, but we finally came up with seven (but not nearly all) of our favorites. All we had to do was write them a little love letter, post the links to their blogs, and voila! We heart these blogs:

Three Silly Chicks (For the silliest and funniest kids books around)

7 Impossible Things Before Breakfast (Reviews by grown-ups about kids books--but don't worry, these grown-ups are still a little childish--in a good way!)

Bartography (Of course we have to throw in a little nepotistic shout-out to our author of the upcoming book, The Day-Glo Brothers, Chris Barton. Yo what up Chris!?--that's was the shout-out part)

Guys Lit Wire (Wait, what? Guys read? Well according to this blog they do, and they do it a lot)

Poetry for Children (Helping to keep children's poetry alive and well. Thank goodness for this blog!)

Planet Esme
(The coolest place for those who love kid's books, written by a professional readiologist!)

I.N.K-Interesting Non-fiction for Kids (This pretty much sums up half of Charlesbridge's back list)


Chris Barton said...

Aw -- thanks guys! You know I heart you all right back, big time -- especially after the fantastic job you've done with The Day-Glo Brothers!

Three Silly Chicks said...

Thank you, Charlesbridge peeps -- we heart you, too!

Paige Keiser said...

Excellent list of links! Thank you!