Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ominous Warning for 2009?

A dreary Wednesday morning (holidays are over, no more sweets left in the kitchen, sleet pelting down outside) was broken up by, who woulda thunk, a submission from the slush pile. A manuscript, author to remain unnamed, was accompanied by a . . . um, a piece of foam art? Intrigued by this art, staff gathered around editorial assistant Lynne Mehley's desk to ponder its meaning. A consensus was made--it looks like a tombstone. With daily news from other publishers about mass layoffs we felt this may be an ominous sign for Charlesbridge's future, and decided that if layoffs do occur within the company, this should be used as the pink slip.

However, note to authors with unsolicited manuscripts: sending in items like this may not get your book published (although no decision has been made on this particular one), but it will certainly help the team at Charlesbridge get through hump day.

Sales Assistant, Gina Choe, was kind enough to model the tombstone in these pictures. (Note: Gina is still employed).

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