Friday, April 3, 2009

Humpty Meets Critics' Approval

The students from Cunniff Elementary School, some of the most notoriously harsh book critics, stopped by the Charlesbridge offices last month to take a look at our spring line up. We anxiously held our breath as the children looked the new books up and down. After many minutes of silence they finally spoke. "Can I go the bathroom?" one first-grader asked. "Why is there a Mr. Potato Head on that shelf?" another student wanted to know. And "What's a typewriter?" wondered a confused kid. We slowly began to breathe again and started answering their questions. It seemed they liked the books and wanted to know more about how we made them. We took them on a tour and gave them the low-down on how books go from a typed manuscript to a polished and bound product. When they returned to their school they wrote a story about their experience at Charlesbridge, as well as a review of the book What Really Happened to Humpty? by Jeanie Franz Ransom in which they excitedly exclaim, "Good job, Jeanie!" To read their stories click on the links below:

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Rena Jones said...

How cute -- sounds like a fun day!