Friday, January 22, 2010

ALA Midwinter in Boston

Don't call it Beantown. It's "America's Walking City" and it is our understanding that on Saturday, January 15th, you could walk around town quite comfortably during our January thaw. We wouldn't know. We were tucked away underground in the Boston Convention Center (the fairly new big boy of convention centers), enjoying the warmth of librarians.

While it may have been 40 degrees outside, it was hot in the aisles. And it was wicked hot ("wicked" is a popular word in New England that means "really, really"), at the Charlesbridge booth with authors like Mitali Perkins and Lynn Plourde signing.

At left is a photo of Mitali signing copies of the ARC of her upcoming novel, Bamboo People (July 2010). Notice Angus Killick and friends hovering Zelig-like for photo ops.

(Photo from American Libraries Photostream)

But the most exciting part of all -- as always -- was Monday morning and the awards announcements. This year Charlesbridge got to scream real loud (just like on Pee Wee's Playhouse). The Day-Glo Brothers by Chris Barton and illustrated by Tony Persiani, was named a Sibert Honor Book. Fantastic to be in our own backyard and to be able to have people in the hall to holler (despite the now-bad weather) because it's just sad when it's just the two of you. And what a great dollop of cream filling for a cupcake of a year for that most awesome of books.

Speaking of cupcakes... whenever anything remotely good happens at Charlesbridge -- a book wins a major award, someone has a baby, a brand new episode of Lost -- the staff at the Bridge tends to celebrate. Never met an office-full of people so ready to stop, drop, and gather in the conference room for some chips and dip. Or, in this case, Day-Glo cupcakes. With champagne (surprisingly not a bad combo). There was orange juice for mimosas for those that don't like their alcohol straight up first thing in the morning. We're "rock stars", not rock stars.
(Don't they look disgusting and possibly toxic? But, Duncan Hines! Don't mess with perfection)

Look at them all ogling those tasty cakes. Wait, now, everybody. You'll be told when you can dig in.

At left, the creative team, who put the "day" in Day-Glo. The uncreative team toddled off to seek out more cerebral pursuits.

And MORE good news! The Importance of Wingsby Robin Friedman is the WINNER of the Sydney Taylor Book Award. Congratulations, Robin! Well-deserved.

"Friedman does an exquisite job in bringing the two older girls to life" - Booklist

"[A] voice that is both sardonic and sincere..."
- Kirkus Reviews

"...middle school angst, first crushes, and the importance of finding one’s own wings." - School Library Journal

Find out more about The Day-Glo Brothers and The Importance of Wings at

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