Thursday, July 28, 2011

Being Different

Author Manjula Padmanabhan blogs about her inspiration to write her new children's book, I Am Different, on the Global Fund for Children blog, On the Road.

Here is an excerpt:

It didn’t really matter if the differences were “good” or “bad,” as I soon realized. Sometimes we can choose whether or not to belong to the majority. Sometimes the issues are trivial. For instance, I could choose to dress as other Indian children dressed or I could go around in miniskirts and knee-high boots. Needless to say, my mother preferred me to conform, while I preferred NOT to! But at other times, such as in my convent boarding school, there was no question of “choosing to be different.” At the level of uniforms, we had to conform or we’d be sent away.

Read the rest of the story at On the Road.

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