Thursday, April 11, 2019

Learn more from Laura Purdie Salas!

Everyone's buzzing about Snowman - Cold = Puddle! Take a peek at Laura Purdie Salas's afterword to her hit new book for more about the deep connection between science and poetry. 

“Within poetry and science beat the twin hearts of observation and imagination.”
 —Heidi Mordhorst, poet and teacher

I am in awe of the scientific processes that make sunsets, storms, and, of course, spring. But when I look at our amazing world, I don’t see just science. I also see stories and pictures. A snowman melts overnight, and I see heat as a thief, stealing snowpeople and sledding hills. Deer huddle under a dripping maple tree, and I see kids sharing a spring-green umbrella. Dandelion fluff scatters, and I see hundreds of skydivers opening tiny parachutes. 

Scientists and poets search the world and find knowledge and wonder in equal parts. The equations in this book explore the reasons for the changes we see in spring. These combinations of words and symbols are science. But they are also something more. They compress big ideas into small phrases, using unexpected or playful language. And they ask you to look at common things in new ways. They are poetry. 

In writing these equation poems, I began to notice things that I usually take for granted. I hope you notice how our world changes every day all around us. You don’t have to live anywhere in particular or use special equipment to appreciate how the world transforms in spring.

You just have to notice.

—Laura Purdie Salas

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