Thursday, January 24, 2008

When Truth Meets Fiction

It wasn't funny at all until I thought, "This is just like Truck Stuck by Sallie Wolf, with insanely clever illustrations by Andy Robert Davies. That big truck is stuck under the overpass and I'm sitting in a line of honking cars, which always moves the truck." After I realized how similar my situation was to that brand new book from Charlesbridge (February 2008), I laughed and laughed--on the inside.

Unfortunately, there was no lemonade stand on the 93 offramp or the entrance to Storrow Drive. There was no Elvis impersonator (which is a constant disappointment in my daily life. My birthday is in November, and I really wish someone would send me an Elvis impersonator). There wasn't even a police officer directing traffic, just the frustrated and embarrassed truck driver trying to direct traffic to the other lane. Boston drivers don't like to change lanes.

Posted by Donna.

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Susan Sandmore said...

How funny! (And not, if you're in it, I guess).

Did they never see the movie Working Girl? Hollywood taught me that you just let some of the air out of the truck's tires and away you go.