Monday, May 21, 2018

Charlesbridge Unplugged #6: Michelle Cusolito

Today we're talking to debut author Michelle Cusolito about her nonfiction book Flying Deep: Climb Inside Deep-Sea Submersible ALVIN and her penchant for creating engaging school visits. You can have a listen by clicking HERE:

About the Book:
Experience a day in the life of an Alvin pilot, diving two miles down to explore the seafloor, collect samples, and conduct research. Along the way, discover what one wears, eats, and talks about during a typical eight-hour trip in a underwater craft, and find out more about the animals that live deep in our oceans.

About the Author:
Michelle Cusolito has been exploring natural places since she was a child growing up on a farm in Massachusetts. She has lived in the Philippines, where she first saw colorful fish in the wild, and in Ireland, where she and her family hiked the Burren, an otherworldly limestone landscape. She has trekked in places such as Machu Picchu in Peru and the Sahara Desert in Morocco. She spent ten years as a fourth grade teacher. Now, when she's not exploring around in the world, she's usually in her office or local coffee shop weaving her experiences into stories for children.

Purchase this book for you and your readers here.

Show Notes:
  • Visit author Michelle Cusolito online here
  • Follow Michelle on Twitter here and on Instagram here
  • Visit illustrator Nicole Wong online here
  • Michelle's Facebook Group "Create Engaging School Visits" can be found here
  • Michelle's webinar can be found here and here

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